Saturday, January 07, 2012

My takeway from DisneyLand...

This is was in October 2011, but, was the moment that made a huge impact in my life.

It was with a lot of stuff happing in my life I decided to take my family to DisneyLand,CA for my son's quarterly leave. We spent a week in Fremont, looking around SFO and other places and drove the 2nd week to LA. 

DisneyLand was fabulous and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The second day I waited till 8:00 PM to watch the parade. Once the parade was over, there was a show with fireworks and so many fantastic actions performed as if in a disney tale. And the show ended with the saying "This is the place where dreams come true!". That is when I started thinking about how much of effort, work, planning and co-ordination should the team have to create this wonderful experience for all its guests all these years. It was amazing to see that the principle and vision of DisneyLand, what Walt Disney had envisioned, was still alive even several years after his death! I can name a tonn of organization where the employees don't know their vision or it was forgotten by the entire exec team, but here, this place is great!

My take away from disneyland that day was... for life!

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