Monday, November 12, 2012

The Brand called goGrab

Like most of you, I too always wanted to be an entrepreneur. One industry that I always kept doing homework was service aggregation. I used to even tell my friend back home in Tirunelveli who runs an IT hardware shop that we do start a business where we just take AMC contracts for desktops and laptops basically in the Home PC segment. Every other home in the middle class to upper middle class owns a computer. And if you start catering to that market alone, we would have both (1) business and (2) work!

But that was not the intention when I started a very serious thought process about Actually all I wanted to build was a great product and a platform which can open itself for much more service aggregation with very less effort. I have met Naru 4 times for validating my idea and also get his feedback and comments on goGrab. He always used to ask me one question when we start - "Ganesh, actually what are you trying to do?". 

We are creating a brand called goGrab, in the process of building Yes, that is what we as a team intend to. Business is money, but brand is trust. The trust that you build with your customer, consumer. And to create trust with someone who is totally a stranger and eventually becomes your patron is an experience. 

At goGrab, we called ordering food as an experience and not a process. We keep working to make sure that the experience is always the priority. I think that is what made big brands like Sangeetha Veg, Kaaraikudi Chettinad, The Dhaba, Wangs Kitchen to partner with in the first place.

When you actually want to order food from home? When you actually want to place your order as you start from work and just pick it up on your way? Just try goGrab, once and let me know if we did redefine your food experience. If it we suck, just call us a shout at us. We will work on it and get back to you. 

goGrab, your brand to redefine your food experience!