Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coruage Conquers

Courage conquers, boldness pays and timidity fails.....

This is a saying I read it somewhere during my school days, yep my father showed it to me. He is the one who mostly shows all these great things and I keep them in my mind... It is always like being courageous to showing courage to face challenges. Sometimes you solve, and sometimes they get solved by themselves. Sometimes when I feel afraid, what do I do? I just act like I am courageous. Over the years everyone improves on acting and guess do I!

It is good to be a software guys designing and architecting systems. Guess if were a production or a doctor, GOD save all the patients. But here I got the ground to try out a lot of things and learn from mistakes. Learning from mistakes has been a habit from childhood days and that is where the destiny has taken me to, be amongst this software. But at the end of the day, do I feel good. Yes, sometimes, but NO sometimes. It is all the opportunity that matters. Everyday feels like now when you have a lot of problems to address. Now I feel like having more greener and newer days. I feel like having a handful of challenges and getting added more. I feel like I need to live new!

And whenever you design systems or learn about new systems, keep in mind, Courage conquers..