Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mumbai Bomb Blasts

This has become a habit in India now-a-days. How many innocent lives have gone like this all these years.

In all metropolitian cities, most of the poeple are from outside the state who come there and earn to save their families who are far apart.

Why should terrorists plan and do such things? Where do they get money from? Do we believe that our politicians are clean?

I am sure that this kind of activities are initiated by people who would like to get the attention of people towards them and re-gain their image. The want of Fame and Popularity ties their eyes and they just want to do anything for the sake of it. And for their sake, we are shelling blood.

The last when a politician died out of a bomb blast was long back and it was Rajiv Gandhi. And in all file videos and photographs, we can see him with a tonns of fellow party men and none were injured, but he died.

I seriously feel that people in India are doing this and blaming it on Pakistan. Pakistan might be a source, but without the help of our top guys, this is not possible.

This is a country where we had N-Tests and nobody else in the other part of the world found it out, unless we said it ourselves!

We need to think, we need a revolution and encourage the younger generation to diversify their curriculam. And when are they are read to take charge, we should be there to give our hand to them. It doesn't mean we need to get right into politics, but we can motivate and if it is going to help us and this society, we need to sacrifice.

August 15th, 1947 would not have been possible if all the Indian would have thought like us that time. We don't have Gandhi with us, but I am sure we have Gandhi within us. We need to think thru this and strom our thoughts..

Welcome you thoughts on the same..

Ganesh Raj Mohan