Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Getting back into the groov

Occasions are basically reasons for us consider and do something different that we either love or wanted to do that for a while. 

After 3 days, yesterday was when I started feeling of getting back into my regular mode. New year eve, New year day, etc, etc. And what did I do, was just left it open and took it in the way it came. Actually it was not bad at all. Somehow this year took me close to Swami Vivekananda. Yes, I visited both the RK Mutt and the school and polytechnic + hostel in Mylapore too. I had the chance to meet few very great scholars who have devoted their life towards bharamacharya and service. 

One thing that I learnt from that place was the power of being disciplined. It was an excellent, calm, very neat place and it was completed maintained by the students of the home! I am very sure that if you go the houses of few old students of the home, their home will also be neat and clean. There are few very basic things that needs to be inculcated into a child right from the beginning and the first one is discipline. Discipline make you align with Principles and people with principles are they ones who live even after death!

I personally feel that having principles for life and following that is very important. Just start with 2 and then keep adding. But you should know what suits you and what not as you are the best person who knows yourself! Principles are NOT to make you good or great, but they make you give 100% of you, which makes you live that moment.

When you sit in a roller coaster and start, first few secs you feel wary, but then you enjoy it, and I am... for 2012...

Come 2012... take me where you are destined to....

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