Monday, April 19, 2010

A Developer's Wish

I have always wished to creates waves out of the lines of code that I make. But the real truth, most of the times it dies as a wish! I am sure most of you should be nodding your head for this :). This is one reason why whenever I get a chance to attend any developer conference I would be the first one to regiter.

I have decided to attend the GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit) @ Bangalore for Day 3 and Day 4. I wanted to write about some of the interesting sessions that I am planning to attend.

Session on Relentless Innovation in Java:- The overview of the session talks about the way Java needs to be taken post Oracle acquistition. But with James pulling out of Sun, now how much of these things would really make the same sense as before. Sure that this would be a more of marketing session, but the interesting part of this session would be towards the end, the Q& A part. Our guys are pretty smart and I guess that this session would be interesting to see the questions that the community has. True that the presenter would also be smart, but what I am looking for is not the answers, but the questions.

Session on Java Generics:- This is another interesting session for me. That particular slot has 4 tracks and I would prefer to attend this track. I see the other 3 tracks to be marketing their products and this the odd man out. Other other session is GWT 2.0. Its close to 2yrs since GWT 2.0 was released and till today if Google is not able to market a technology, then I suspect the glitch in that. Of couse I have used GWT to its maximum extent and event designed a tool/framework, but I tool feel that GWT needs to focus more on organizing the content and presenting it rather than just the display part of it.

Session on Maven:- Now most of the corporates already have and are mavenizing their projects. It would be really interested to know more about that. Other session that I am equally interested is Business Driven Identity Management, but I don't think I would be attending that.

Session on Complex Event Processing:- You won't be suprised if I tell that I am working on a system that processes close to 70 million events per day. So why would I not be interested in the topic!

Apart from that you can visit Stall No: 25 where I would spending most of my time to involve in several activits to select the winners of Dell NoteBook that PayPal is planning to give away for the event. Not necessarily for the notebooks, you can also visit the stall to understand how can you leverage PayPal today to monetize your apps (if you have one) to be fetching an additional revenue for you.

See you there...