Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When it comes to Thursday's of the week, plans start at home on where to go this weekend and whom to meet? To makes sure that kids are doing Okay and all. But most of the time, 99% we end up spending time at Besant Nagar beach and at our cousin's place for dinner and some chat.

Okay, coming to the rational of all these is: For a Housewife:  being a housewife, with 2 kids, all day at home, husband busy with work all the time and not spending time with you, all you have is only this reason to just pull him out of HIS chores and spend some time driving, walking and talking with him. For Husbands: More than an outing, it is just like a MUST DO to make sure that the rest of week and next week is taken care, just a balancing act!

Incident 1:
So, back to the story, it was on a weekend when performing this balancing act, at around 8:00 PM when we were about to start from Besant Nagar beach, I asked my wife, 'Can we have dinner outside?'. She thought for a moment and said 'No, we will go home and have dosas, but I want to have juice from Fruit Shop on Greams Road outlet.' That was a great idea and I too love juices from Fruit Shop on Greams Road. So, we drove and parked the car and ordered 3 juices for take-away and waited in the car.

My elder son, who is fond of cars, immediately jumped to the front seat and starting playing with the steering and gear knob. Actually the engine was ON as we were using the Air Condition as we were waiting for the juices. I had a tough time to convince him not do that and finally he started crying. So, to pacify him I asked my wife to get the biscuits that she usually brings. She said she did not bring it! Then I asked water and she said it was over!! So, I turned around and asked "Don't you know you need to bring all these when coming outside? Are you carrying it by yourself, you could just keep in the car, right? What stops you from doing that?'. That was all, to start a **good** argument within us and spoil my total balancing act! As my wife was yelling at me, I looked at my watch and it was almost 25 minutes and still the juices were not there. Just asked the guy again and finally he brought it after 10 more minutes. It was like 35 minutes for 3 juices!!!

As I started to drive back, I was thinking:- 'How would it be, if I had an app on my iPhone to order juices from Fruit Shop, Besant Nagar and just drive thru to pick up the juices, not needing to wait for 35 minutes. I would have very well spend that time at the beach itself!

Incident 2:
It was once such evening, we were back from a movie from Prathana and planned to pick-up food at Sangeetha Velachery. So, reached the place around 9:50 PM and saw it crowded. As we had no choice, I walked in and ordered just 4 dosas for take away. Finally the guy came around 10:40 PM with the dosas after repeated, heated queries with the billing counter. By the time, my kids has slept on the car and we were burning on hunger.

Once again, the same thought pop's-up! How would it be, if I has ordered this food as I started from Prathana and just stopped by to grab my dosas. In-fact if I has had that, I would ordered, Naan and Pulav instead of dosas!

So, finally I started brainstorming this idea with my bunch of pals and of-course, my experience with CSS Labs and PayPal helped me to give a product shape to it! And finally after doing some home work on the tech feasibility, we formalized that we are doing! makes it easy for you  place an order with your favourite restaurant and pick up food with NO Waiting Time!

Try it! Tell me if you also feel the same experience on using Also please do send me your feedback on