Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BarCamp Chennai 2 Vs Google Developer Day 1


Ya, BCC2 was really a good. Had a chance to diversify myself and also meet a much larger community.

Few session were focussed on social awareness which is really good.

But I did not enjoy Google Developer Day 1 in Bangalore on Saturday. Someway or other Google has raised it's bars amongst us and my expectation from the event was also different, but they were trying to teach how to write a "helloworld" program!

I really felt bad for missing the first day of BCC2 and the travel time / trip to bangalore.

Really waiting for more events like BCC to go and attened.

Friday, October 17, 2008

BarCamp Chennai 2nd Edition

Finally yet another waited event of the year for chennai geeks has arrived, BarCamp Chennai, 2nd Edition.

BCC2 is happening on 18th & 19th of Oct, 2008 at the IC&SR Auditorium, IIT-Madras.

Me representing CSS Labs is an active volunteer in organizing the event with The Knowledge Foundation chennai. 

It really feels good to be amonst people like this. I really enjoy this exposure. Actually it always feels good to be with passionate people, who are like minded.

I am planning to present a session on code generation, and hope to see you all there...

Jai Hind