Saturday, August 02, 2014

Jigarthanda - The first Karthik Subbaraj!

With Pizza and now Jigarthanda (#jigarthanda) you cannot now deny the fact that there is a new story teller now in tamil cinema industry after Bharathiraja and Manirathanam. These both are legendary directors who respected and believed that if you are passionate then you cannot fail. To them success was never a goal, it was only 'keep going.'

As in a scene in this movie, there is a dialogue, 'success is not what others talk about you, it is what your inner self acknowledges', a very true man he is to this - Karthik Subbaraj.

The movie starts off with Siddarth being rejected in a TV Reality Show in the semi-finals. The comment he get is 'Kuppai Padam'. But the past rift between the two judges of that reality show, a producer and a national award winning director, the producer chooses to produce Siddarth's movie. But he insists that Siddarth does a cold blooded gangster story. This starts the journey for Siddarth to look and learn the life of Sethu (played by Simha) a psychic gangster in Madurai. Once this starts, you are all set for an experience.

Something that is very wonderful in this movie is the Interval. It is a very MASS scene. And when you expect a very racy movie for the second half, that is when Karthik get's you into his world again. You will actually forget that you expected a very racy second half! Personally during the 2nd half I was having a feeling that 'Who are these guys? How come they are able to entertain us like Pros! There is no veteran actors / actress and yet you have a feeling of watching a good movie. The climax is also MASS.

The music director - Santhosh Narayanan is one of the hero for this movie. The background score is really exceptional. Though songs are not great when you hear them as audio, when watched with the movie, it all seems to be very collected.

There were several places the audience clapped for dialogues and laughed their mind out too. No doubt that the narration will grab you into the movie.

Simha with this movie, has now reserved his special place in Tamil cinema. Not sure if Karthik had Simha in mind when he wrote this character or Simha moulded himself after hearing about this character, but he has certainly set a bench-mark for the role. He deserves a very huge applause.

Siddarth deserves a huge applause. Knowing the entire script he has choose to do this film. He is a true chennai boy. Especially in scene when he tells Lakshmi menon that 'Let's be just friends' he is very much Chennai!

Overall, your expectation is 100% met in this movie. All you expect when you walk-in is a different movie from Karthik Subbaraj and you are not let down. It is indeed a very different and yet enjoyable movie. I was actually amused to the hall full at 8:50 AM in the morning.

All the best Karthik and team. Keep entertaining us such!