Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Neethanae En Ponvasantham

My verdict : It is light. It is nice. I was able to remember a poem that I read during my school days from John Keats. 

There is an expectation set when you hear the names like Gautham Vasudev Menon, Illiyaraja, Jiva, Samantha, Santhanam. All have done their job with an intention to give a very good movie. It has really come out well. I initially read and also heard from my friends that this was a very huge disappointment for them from Gautham Vasudev Menon. I even saw few similar FB posts. But to me it was a very nice movie.

Story: It is a love story. A love story very raw and very natural. Normally I term only Subramanipuram kind of movies as raw, but this too was a raw love story.

Screenplay: Poetic! The narration is actually excellent. The director along with the cameraman and editor has done an excellent job. Flashback's are an very essential element for story telling. Even for us a story is something that happened in the past. Gautham is an amazing story teller, no doubt. He has handled this subject too very well. Heard that in VTV the story itself was from Gautham and in NEP he wrote the screenplay and was the director. But his improvisation to the script has been really cool. Coming back from this movie was very light. Like Ok, get back to work. But after an hour, you have Varun Krishnan and Nithya Vasudevan haunting you. The story line says "This could be your love story". But there are certainly a lot of elements that each one of us could relate to ourselves. 

Jiva & Samantha :  Jiva is so handsome in this movie. In a few scenes I was not able to take my eyes off Jiva and have a look at Samantha. I should say he is a very professional guy. If most of us say that Surya may be the next Kamal, here is one guy who is silently surpassing that. Watching Jiva is something that you would love in this movie. Earlier I said that this was a *raw* story, it is because of Jiva. The way the climax was narrated and how Jiva did that was like *real*. 

Samantha, she is beautiful. She knows acting too and has did well. She is picture perfect! The scenes to quote her acting are the scenes in that Tsunami village and the climax. She has done it very well. 

Music : Breezy. Don't expect anything less here. It is all very real instruments being played by very real human beings! A lot of LIFE gets added into the movie when real people play it.

Could have been better: 
  1. Camera - I personally felt that few shots very shot in long which made us get out of the scene. One shot to quote was the fight that they would have on a terrace when Jiva says he is going to join IIM Calicut.
  2. Few Santhanam scenes could have been avoided in the 2nd half. Especially that VTV mimic scenes. 
  3. The night walk and talk in the climax could have been cut short. Because it was not that time that Jiva and Samantha spent triggered the climax, it was Jiva's father who says "Be a man". 
Watch it! Varun and Nithya are sure to pass through you. 

My rating: 4 STAR


Aravind NG said...

superb ganesh. rightly pointed out. especially the scenes that was on a long angle could have been a bit closer.jiiva & samantha were good in expressions, he could have used them for that scene specially. i love that moment, when she says that "varun has to leave her, becoze she cant do that"...poetic man. i think i have a lot to discuss with u on this movie. :)

Ganesh Raj Mohan said...

Ha ha ha. Sure Aravind. We will. As you I too hope to get the cat out of the bag in this discussion!